What's Electronics Manufacturing Process?

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Electronic manufacturing refers to the process of designing, producing, testing, and assembling electronic devices and systems. This process involves a wide range of activities, including designing circuits and components, sourcing materials and components, assembling and soldering components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs), testing and verifying the functionality of the finished product, packaging and shipping.

Now, put on anti-static suit and let's have a look!

PCB Fabrication

PCB(Printed circuit board),as the basic carrier of electronic devices, its function is to carry the current and allow it to pass through the designated place. So you'll see blueprints of it, usually in Gerber format, with lots of dense lines. Circuit boards are usually made of insulating materials like epoxy and conductive materials like copper layered on top of each other, and your Gerber file will show you how they are stacked.

Suppliers will produce specific boards based on your blueprints and specifications. Every Fumax circuit board is tested before putting into production. Sometimes, we even design a specific test jig for a particular project to test the function of the circuit board, below are jigs built by us. For more, click here to know Fumax PCB capabilities!

ICT(in circuit test) Jig built by Fumax


At the same time, the sourcing team will star inquiring to components vendors. 

Usually, a BOM contains dozens or even hundreds of different types of components. which even involves structural parts (including enclosure), cables and display screens, etc. Our team will classify them and make inquiries to multiple suppliers for each category to get the best offer combination based on your plan. 

We have a very strong sourcing & purchasing team which maintain great relationship with more than 300 vendors.

Strictly according to customer Bill of Materials (BOM), unless specified, all components we sourced are original components with great quality.If there are substitute parts needed (for great cost reduction or shorter lead time), Fumax will notify customer first and provide datasheet or sample testing results for customer approval. We will not use the substitute parts unless customer’s written approval.

Our materials team are focus on:

•Cost effective Materials solutions

•New Supplier Qualification Process

•Regularly supplier performance survey system

•RoHs materials compliance

•Cost Saving Method

•Quarterly quality review

•More than 300 vendors

•More than 10000 kinds of component 


Part of our suppliers

Pcb Assembly

Now, we have all the components and PCB, once they're quality checked, we could start assembling! Click here to know detailed Fumax PCB assembly capabilities!


IQC-incoming quality check in Fumax

PCB assembly is the process of attaching electronic components to a printed circuit board (PCB) to create an electronic circuit. The process involves placing the components onto the PCB in their correct positions, soldering them in place, and testing the assembled PCB to ensure that it is functioning properly.

There are several different methods for assembling PCBs, including surface mount technology (SMT), and through-hole technology (THT). 

The first step in the PCB assembly process is to prepare the PCB by cleaning it and applying a solder paste to the pads where the components will be soldered. The components are then placed onto the PCB using a pick and place machine, which positions them accurately and quickly. The PCB is then placed in a reflow oven, where the solder paste is melted and the components are soldered onto the PCB.

After the PCB has been soldered, it is inspected to ensure that all of the components are properly positioned and soldered. Any defects are corrected, and the PCB is tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

PCB assembly is an important step in the manufacturing process of electronic devices, as it allows electronic circuits to be created quickly and efficiently. It is a complex process that requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, as any mistakes can result in faulty or malfunctioning electronic devices.

Electronic product enclosures play a crucial role in the design and functionality of electronic devices. They provide physical protection for the electronic components inside, helping to prevent damage from external factors such as impact, moisture, and dust. Enclosures also play a role in the aesthetics of the product, as they can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match the desired look and feel of the device.

Therefore, electronic product enclosures are an essential element in the design and production of electronic devices, and play a vital role in ensuring the safety, performance, and appearance of these products. Fumax provide box building service so you don't have to find another supplier!Typical casings are usually made of metal or plastic. You can see from the following examples how we produce PCBAs with casings:

More cases:

Functional Testing

As products are finished, now we can proceed the most critical step before shipping: functional test(FCT). This step is necessary to ensure that the shipped product is 100% working properly. Usually, we will use customized test jig to mass test whether the PCBA works properly after burning according to the customer's test procedure. 


Good packing will protect the products from being damaged during long distance transportation. In addition to the most basic anti-static bubble film, we also provide anti-static bags, custom insert, and custom color packaging. You can sell the goods immediately after receiving them!



The production of electronic products has a high requirement for the environment and technology level. At the same time, due to the many processes and high professionalism, it is very important to choose professional and reliable suppliers. Fumax has provide customers with one-stop turnkey electronic manufacturing services for decades, we are your reliable partner in the global market!