Industrial Control Boards

Fumax manufactures precise & stable industrial control boards.

Industrial control board is a motherboard used in industrial occasions. It can be used to control many industrial parts such as Fan, Motor…etc. 

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The application of industrial control boards:

Industrial control equipment, GPS navigation, online sewage monitoring, instrumentation, professional equipment controllers, military industry, government agencies, telecommunications, banks, power, car LCD, monitors, video doorbells, portable DVD, LCD TV, environmental protection equipment, etc.

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The main function of industrial control boards:

Communication function

Audio function

Display function

USB and storage function

Basic Network function

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The advantage of industrial control boards:

It can adapt to a wide temperature environment, can adapt to harsh environments, and can work under high load for a long time.

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The trend of developing industrial control boards

There be such a tendency to switch to automation and intelligence.

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The capacity of industrial control boards:

Material:  FR4

Copper Thickness:  0.5oz-6oz

Board Thickness:  0.21-7.0mm

Min. Hole Size:  0.10mm

Min. Line Width:  0.075mm(3mil)

Min. Line Spacing:  0.075mm(3mil)

Surface Finishing:  HASL, Lead Free HASL, ENIG, OSP

Solder Mask Color:  Green, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue

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