Fumax — The best contract manufacturer of High TG PCBs in China. We provide a global approach to PCB services. And we offer a wide selection of high-temperature PCB products manufacturing services either with FR-4 or other high-quality heat-resistant and temperature-resistant TG materials. So we’re able to perform high-temperature PCB fabrication for automotive, industry and high-temperature electronics applications. We can manufacture High TG PCBs with a TG value of up to 180°C.

High TG PCB1

The product range of High TG PCB that Fumax can offer

* Higher heat resistance;

* Lower Z-axis CTE;

* Excellent thermal stress resistance;

* High thermal shock resistance;

* Excellent PTH reliability;

* Popular High TG materials: S1000-2 & S1170, Shengyi materials, IT-180A: ITEQ material, TU768, TUC material.


* Layer(2-28 layers);

* PCB size(Min. 10*15mm, Max.500*600mm);

* Finished board thickness(0.2-3.5mm);

* Copper weight(1/3oz-4oz);

* Surface Finish(HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin);

* Solder-ability Preservatives(RoHS);

* Solder mask(Green/Red/Yellow/Blue/White/Black/Purple/Matt Black/Matt Green);

* Silkscreen(White/Black);

* Min copper tracks/spacing(3/3mil);

* Min holes(0.1mm);

* Quality Grade(Standard IPC II).

High TG PCB2


High-TG is another name for a high-temperature PCB, meaning printed circuit boards designed to stand up to high-temperature extremes. A circuit board is defined as High-TG if its glass transition temperature (TG) is higher than 150 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures can be disastrous for unprotected PCBs, damaging dielectrics and conductors, creating mechanical stresses due to differences in thermal expansion rates and ultimately causing everything from inconsistent performance to total failure. If your applications are in any danger of subjecting your PCBs to extreme temperatures or the PCB is required to be RoHS Compliant, it will be in your best interest to look into High-TG PCBs.

* Multi-layer boards with many layers

* Fineline trace structures

* Industrial electronics

* Automobile electronics

* High temperature electronics