Fumax — High quality PCB contract manufacturer of LED PCB in China. Includes all kinds of LED PCBs.

Applications: LED Industry Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are everywhere in our technology-based society. Everything from computers to medical equipment to cars contains these PCBs in one form or another. However, not all PCBs are the same— many of them use different designs or materials to suit a unique purpose. The base material is especially important for the circuit board, which helps determine how effectively the circuit board transfers heat.

* PCB Light Bars
* LED Strip Lights & LED Bars
* Industrial LED Lighting
* Commercial LED Lighting
* LED Home Lighting
* LED Landscape Lighting
* LED Auxiliary Work Lights
* LED Truck and Trailer Lights
* Emergency Vehicle & Strobe LED Lights
* Motorcycle LED Lights
* Custom LED Light Boxes – Backlit Signs and Art
* Automotive LED Lights
* Hotel & Casino LED Lighting
* City Lighting
* Public Transportation Lighting 

LED PCB assembly
LED PCB assembly manufacturer