Board Cleaning

Fumax has professional board cleaning technique, to remove flux after soldering.

Board cleaning means removing flux and rosin on the surface of the PCB after soldering

Many different materials can compromise the performance and safety of these devices. Watching out for such hazards and addressing the damage can keep your work productive and keep the tools you need to work properly.

Circuit board cleaning

1. Why we need board cleaning?

(1) Improve the aesthetic appearance of PCB.

(2) Improve PCB reliability, affecting its durability.

(3) Prevent component and PCB corrosion, especially at component leads and PCB contacts.

(4) Avoid sticking of conformal coating

(5) Avoid ionic contamination

2. What to be removed from the board and where are they come from?

Dry Contaminants (Dust, Dirt)

Wet Contaminants (Grime, Waxy Oil, Flux, Soda)

(1) Residues during production

(2) Impact of the work environment

(3) Incorrect use / operation

Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning - PCB cleaning - PCB cleaning services

3. Mainly methods:

(1) Spray compressed air

(2) Brush with alcohol swab

(3) Try lightly rubbing the corrosion off with a pencil eraser.

(4) Mix baking soda with water and apply to corroded areas. then remove once dried

(5) Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning

4. Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning

Ultrasonic PCB cleaning is an all-purpose cleaning method that cleans through cavitation. Basically, the ultrasonic PCB cleaning machine sends high-frequency sound waves into a tank filled with cleaning solution while your PCB is immersed in it. This causes billions of tiny bubbles inside the cleaning solution to implode, blowing any contaminants off the printed circuit board without harming the components or anything else.

PCB cleaning solution

5. Advantage:

It can reach somewhere difficult to clean

The process is fast

It can meet the needs of high-volume cleaning