Smart Home Electronic Control Boards

Fumax produces electronic control systems for smart home use.

Home appliance IoT controllers, smart home control systems, RFID wireless curtain control boards, cabinet cooling and heating air conditioning control boards, electric water heater control boards, household hood control boards, washing machine control boards, humidifier control boards, Dishwasher control board, commercial soybean milk machine control board, ceramic stove control board, automatic door control board, etc., electric control lock control board, intelligent access control system, etc.

Smart Home Electronic Control Boards1

The features of smart home electronic control boards:

(1) Building a smart home platform system through a home gateway and its system software

(2) Unified platform

(3) Interconnection with home appliances through external expansion modules

(4) Application of embedded system

Smart Home Electronic Control Boards2

What is smart home?

The so-called smart home refers to the combination of hardware equipment and artificial intelligence. The so-called intelligent terminal or intelligent hardware in the industry is a product with information processing and data connection capabilities that can realize sensing / interactive service functions.

Smart Home Electronic Control Boards3
Smart Home Electronic Control Boards4

The advantage of smart home electronic control boards:

Practical and convenient




Smart Home Electronic Control Boards5

The capacity of smart home electronic control boards:

Base Material:  FR4 CEM1 CEM3 Hight TG

Copper Thickness:  1 Oz

Board Thickness:  1.0mm

Min. Hole Size:  3mil (0.075mm)

Min. Line Width: 0.05

Min. Line Spacing:  0.1mm/4mil

Surface Finishing:  Immersion gold/HASL/OSP

Solder mask:  green/black/red/blue/white/yellow

Certificates:  CE/ROHS/FCC/ISO9001/IPC-610B

QFP Lead Pitch:  0.38mm ~ 2.54mm

Min. IC Pitch: 0.30mm

Testing:  Flying Probe Test, X-ray Inspection AOI Test

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The trend of developing smart home:

Environmental control and safety regulations;

Application of new technologies and new fields;

Combining with the smart grid.

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