Medical Device Boards

Fumax provides medical device boards up to standard.

Medical device board are control boards for medical device to control instrument work and data acquisition, etc.

Medical Device Boards1
Medical Device Boards2

The application of medical device boards:

The common control boards of medical instruments are: medical data acquisition control board, electronic sphygmomanometer control board, body fat meter control board, heartbeat control board, massage chair control board, home physiotherapy instrument control board, etc.

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The features of medical device boards:



Ease of use

The capacity of medical device boards:

Base Material:  FR-4

Copper Thickness:  0.3OZ-5OZ

Board Thickness:  1.6mm

Min. Hole Size:  0.1mm

Min. Line Width:  3mil

Min. Line Spacing:  3mil

Surface Finishing:  Lead free,HALS,osp444OSP

Medical Device Boards
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The trend of developing medical device boards:

(1) For families, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the increasing proportion of urban aging, the familyization of medical electronic equipment has gradually become a trend.

(2) For medical industry, there are 6 main and obvious tendencies:

More diagnostic tools will be born

Personalized medicine will continue to develop

Integration of artificial intelligence and digital health

Network security for medical networking

New surgical procedures and the expanded use of robots

Multi-use drug delivery device

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