bare board - PCB board manufacturers in India

Fumax Tech offers top quality Printing Circuit Boards (PCB) including multi-layer PCB (printed circuit board), high-level HDI(high density inter-connector), arbitrary-layer PCB and rigid-flexible PCB…etc.

As a base material, Fumax understands the importance of reliable quality of the PCB. We invest in best equipment and talented team to produce best quality boards.

The typical PCB categories are below.

Our manufacturing capabilities are shown in the chart below.

ScopeMultilayers(4-28)、HDI(4-20)Flex、Rigid Flex
Double SideCEM-3、 FR-4、Rogers RO4233、Bergquist Thermal Clad 4mil–126mil (0.1mm-3.2mm)
Multilayers4-28 layers, board thickness 8mil-126mil (0.2mm-3.2mm)
Buried/Blind Via4-20 layers, board thickness 10mil-126mil(0.25mm-3.2mm)
HDI1+N+1、2+N+2、3+N+3、Any layer
Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB1-8layers Flex PCB ,2-12layers Rigid-flex PCB HDI+Rigid-flex PCB
Soldermask Type(LPI)TaiyoGoo’s、Probimer FPC…..
Peelable Soldermask 
Carbon ink 
HASL/Lead Free HASLThickness: 0.5-40um
ENIG (Ni-Au) 
Electro-bondable Ni-Au 
Electro-nickel palladium Ni-AuAu: 0.015-0.075um Pd 0.02-0.075um Ni:2-6umm
Electro. Hard Gold 
Thick tin 
CapabilityMass Production
Min Mechanical Drill Hole0.20mm
Min. Laser Drill Hole4mil (0.100mm)
Line Width/Spacing2mil/2mil
Max. Panel Size21.5″ X 24.5″(546mm X 622mm)
Line Width/Spacing ToleranceNon electro coating:+/-5um,Electro coating:+/-10um
PTH Hole Tolerance+/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
NPTH Hole Tolerance+/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
Hole Location Tolerance+/-0.002inch(0.050mm)
Hole to Edge Tolerance+/-0.004inch(0.100mm)
Edge to Edge Tolerance+/-0.004inch(0.100mm)
Layer to Layer Tolerance+/-0.003inch(0.075mm)
Impedance Tolerance+/- 10%
Warpage %Max≤0.5%

Technology (HDI Product)

Laser Via Drill/Pad0.125/0.30 、 0.125/0.38
Blind Via Drill/Pad0.25/0.50
Line Width/Spacing0.10/0.10
Hole FormationCO2 Laser Direct Drill
Build Up MaterialFR4 LDP(LDD); RCC 50 ~100 micron
Cu Thickness on Hole WallBlind Hole: 10um(min)
Aspect Ratio0.8 : 1

Technology (Flexible PCB)

Project Ability
Roll to roll (one side)YES
Roll to roll (double)NO
Volume to roll material width mm 250
Minimum production size mm 250×250 
Maximum production size mm 500×500 
SMT Assembly patch (Yes/No)YES
Air Gap capability (Yes/No)YES
Production of hard and soft binding plate(Yes/No)YES
Max layers(Hard)10
Tallest layer(Soft plate)6
Material Science  
Electrolytic copperYES
Rolled Anneal Copper FoilYES
Covering film alignment tolerance mm±0.1 
Minimum covering film  mm0.175
Silver InkYES
Silver FilmYES