Firmware Programming

Fumax engineering will load the customer Firmware (usually HEX or BIN FILE) to the MCU to enable products functioning.

Fumax has strict control on firmware programming

IC programming is to write the program to the chip’s internal storage space through the programming tool, which is generally divided into offline programming and online programming.

firmware programming example - firmware PCB

1. Mainly methods of programming

(1) Universal programmer

(2) Dedicated programmer

(3) Online programming:

pcb board programming - firmware programming

2. Features of online programming

(1) On-line programming uses the chip’s standard communication bus, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc. The interface is usually fixed and fewer pins are connected during programming.

(2) As the interface communication speed is not high, the general cable can be used for recording without high power consumption.

(3) Since the online burning is programmed through a wired connection, if an error is found during production testing, the faulty PCBA can be traced and re-burned without disassembling the chip. This not only saves production costs, but also improves programming efficiency.

firmware programming

3. What is programmer?

PROGRAMMER, also know as writer or burner, is used to program programable IC.

4. The advantage of IC programmer

For most of previous IC, they are not in common use, but in exclusive use, calling DEDICATED IDs.

So if designers want to design a circuit board, they must use a variety of different IC with fixed-functions, and they need prepare various types of IC, especially for large-scale manufacturers.

Now the designer only needs to prepare an IC to burn it into IC with different functions after DEDICATED IDs was invented and used.

The preparation is convenient, but a burner must be prepared to burn it.

firmware programming - PCB firmware programming download

5. Our capacity:

Software tools: Altium (Protel), PADS, Allegro, Eagle

Program: C, C++, VB