Industry Applications

Fumax produces boards and finished goods which are being used on multi-industries as below:


Application of PCB in the industrial control industry, PCB circuit boards are widely used in automated production lines, robots, sensors and other equipment. These devices need to collect and process various data in real time to achieve an efficient and stable production process.

The application of PCB in the medical equipment industry and the application of PCB circuit boards are also very extensive. It is used in key equipment such as medical instruments, medical monitoring equipment, and medical imaging equipment.

Application of PCB in communication equipment industry: PCB boards are widely used in communication equipment. For example, mobile phones, wireless routers, base stations and other devices all require PCB boards to connect and control various circuits.

PCBs are widely used in consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc. In mobile phones, PCB carries various chips and electronic components, playing a role in connection and support.

PCB boards are widely used in fields including communications, consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, military, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields.