Top 5 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Taiwan 2023 list

Top five PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Taiwan 2023

Taiwan PCB circuit board market in 2023, Top 5 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in Taiwan 2023, Fumax FCB selects Taiwan PCB circuit board factories, PCBA custom manufacturers, and distributors for you.

The top five PCB assembly manufacturers in Taiwan in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Unimicron Technology Corporation: Revenue ranked first, reaching NT$26.56 billion, an increase of 7.33% from the previous month.
    Unimicron Technology Corporation is a Taiwanese company founded in 1984. It is one of the world’s leading PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturers, providing high-quality PCB solutions for various electronic products. From consumer electronics to communication equipment to automotive electronics and other fields, Xinxing Electronics has a wide market share and a good reputation.
    The company is divided into PCB Division, Carrier Board Division and IC OEM Pre-burn Test Division. It has 13 factories in Taiwan, located in Taoyuan County and Hsinchu County, six PCB factories, six carrier board factories and one IC pre-burning and testing factory; has five production bases in mainland China, namely in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Kunshan (two) and Huangshi.

Unimicron Technology Corporation is committed to the development of new products and new technologies. It is the main supplier of the world’s advanced mobile phone HDI boards and IC packaging carrier boards, and actively develops soft boards, soft-hard combination boards and high-frequency and high-speed boards. In order to quickly respond to customer needs, we have business branches and representatives throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The company continues to innovate, research and develop, cultivate talents, teamwork, strive to improve business performance, and provide customer-oriented services. Over the past ten years, the company has grown rapidly and steadily, and has repeatedly received praise from customers.

main products
Multi-layer (thick) boards, high-density interconnection circuit boards, IC carrier boards, soft-hard boards, and flexible boards.

Product application areas include computer computing, network communications (including high-frequency, high-speed & 5G/optical modules), consumer products, industry, automobiles (including ADAS & RADAR), medical, etc.

    KINSUS PCB is produced by Taiwan’s Jingshuo Shilei Factory, which was established in September 2000 and invested by ASUS.
    KINSUS PCB products mainly include BGA, FCBGA, HDI, FPC and multi-layer boards (of which carrier boards account for more than 80% of revenue). The Taiwan factory is mainly engaged in the production of mid-to-high-end BGA, FCBGA, etc., and the Suzhou factory is mainly engaged in the production of multi-layer boards, HDI and mid-to-low-end BGA.
  2. NAN YA PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD CORP. ranks third in revenue.
    Nanya circuit board PCB is an electronic component. Nanya circuit board has the following characteristics in terms of manufacturing and design:
    Manufacturing process: Nanya Circuit Board PCB manufacturing uses surface mounting technology, which has the characteristics of high precision and high integration.
    Appearance design: Nanya circuit board PCB has a simple and elegant appearance with beautiful lines, in line with modern aesthetics.
    Reliability: Nanya circuit board PCB has high reliability. After strict quality control and testing, it can ensure long-term stable and reliable use.
    Safety: Nanya circuit board PCB has good insulation performance and anti-interference performance, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of electronic products.
  3. ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERING INC (ASE): Ranked fourth in terms of revenue.
    ASE was established in 1984 and has now developed into a world-renowned electronic manufacturing services company, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of semiconductors and panels.
    It mainly provides services related to semiconductor packaging and testing. Its customers cover electronic communications, semiconductors, optoelectronics and other fields, and its product market share is as high as approximately 25%.
    The main business scope is the manufacturing, research and development and sales of semiconductor products, and provides related technical consulting and technical services.
    ASE PCB refers to the printed circuit board produced by ASE Group and is an important part of semiconductor manufacturing.
  4. Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, specializing in the production of customized printed circuit boards, PCBA design and custom development, software programming, component procurement, SMT patching, DIP welding, assembly testing, painting and other one-stop services .

Fumax FCB provides diversified OEM and ODM services to domestic and foreign customers.

Shenzhen FumaX Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB manufacturer. It has long been engaged in PCB circuit boards, circuit board production, and circuit board processing. It serves electronic computers, communication products, industrial control, vehicle systems, MCUs, remote communications, smart homes, medical equipment, and consumer products. Electronics, home appliances, LED PCB assembly and other industries.

The above information is for reference only. The ranking of Taiwan PCB manufacturers will change over time. It is recommended that you always pay attention to relevant websites or literature to obtain the latest ranking information.

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