Ranking of the top 6 PCB SMT chip processing factories in China

PCB SMT patch processing factory is a factory specializing in surface mount technology (Surface Mount Technology, referred to as SMT).

Its main business is to paste electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and use machines to automatically complete this process.

SMT processing involves precise positioning and welding, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

Some rankings of Chinese PCB SMT patch processing plants.

The following are the companies that we have compiled with high visibility in the industry:


An Austrian multinational company focusing on the R&D and production of high-end PCBs.


Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB assembly manufacturer that focuses on assembling electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) and provides one-stop electronic manufacturing services.

We have advanced production equipment and a professional technical team to strictly control product quality and meet various production needs.

Whether it is small batch trial production or large-scale production, we can respond quickly and provide efficient and reliable solutions. We are committed to becoming your trustworthy PCB assembly partner and jointly promote the development of electronic manufacturing industry.
Provide PCB SMT patch processing and manufacturing services.

Shennan Circuit

Mainly engaged in the R&D and production of high-reliability electronic products, it has a complete SMT patch processing production line and a strict quality control system.

Jianding Technology

PCB manufacturing companies in mainland China, their products cover multi-layer boards, double-sided and multi-layer flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, etc., and are strong in SMT chip processing.

Suntec Technology

Committed to the R&D and production of high-end PCBs, its SMT patch processing services are highly praised by customers.

Jingwang Electronics

Focusing on the production and research and development of mid-to-high-end products such as multi-layer boards and HDI boards, it has advanced SMT chip processing production lines and strict quality management systems.

In addition to the above companies, there are also companies such as Huatong COMPEQ, TTM Schindler, Mektec Qisheng, KINWONG Jingwang, Unimicron Xinxing, TRIPOD Jianding, Zhending, Elec&Eltek Yilianda and other companies that also have certain strengths and capabilities in the field of PCB SMT patch processing. reputation.

PCB SMT patch company services

The SMT patch company’s business mainly involves the mounting process of electronic components. In the manufacturing process of electronic products, SMT patches are an indispensable link. By accurately pasting electronic components onto the printed circuit board (PCB), the functions of the electronic products are realized.

SMT patch companies use advanced patch machines and equipment to complete the mounting process quickly and accurately. This efficient mounting process not only greatly improves the production efficiency of electronic products, but also reduces errors in manual operations and improves product quality and stability.

The business scope of SMT patch companies is wide and covers many fields. For example, SMT patch technology is required in electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. In addition, SMT chip technology is also widely used in automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial control and other fields. As people’s demand for electronic products continues to grow, the market prospects of SMT patch companies will become brighter.

SMT patch companies usually have advanced equipment and production technology. For example, a high-precision fully automatic placement machine has been introduced, which can handle electronic components of various sizes and shapes, and supports the placement of a variety of integrated circuits. In addition, the company may also have fully automatic solder paste mixers, AOI optical inspection machines, reflow soldering and other equipment to ensure high product quality and production efficiency requirements. In the production workshop, the 10,000-level high-standard clean environment ensures that the production process is free from external contamination and ensures that all components are original and genuine.

In addition to providing placement services, SMT patch companies may also provide incoming materials, OEM processing and post-soldering, testing, maintenance, assembly OEM and other services. According to customers’ needs and production plans, the company can quickly complete sample production and small batch production. For products produced in medium quantities, the company is also able to provide rapid production services.

Generally speaking, SMT patch company’s business involves many aspects of the electronic manufacturing field. Driven by technological progress and market demand, the business scope and services of SMT patch companies will continue to expand and deepen.

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