Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider

Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider

Fumax is a smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider.

Focusing on circuit board PCBA custom design, SMT patch processing, intelligent electronic PCB assembly, software programming, component procurement, electronic manufacturing and other services.

Smart watch PCB design - Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider

Smart watch PCB assembly steps:

  1. Understand the model and brand of smart watches, as well as their basic functions and specifications.
  2. Bind the smart watch to the mobile phone.
  3. Explore the functions of smart watches and download different APPs or systems to upgrade watch functions.
  4. Personalize the watch according to your own needs.
  5. Charge the smart watch regularly, and pay attention to waterproofing, anti-falling and other issues to avoid damage to the watch or data loss during use.
  6. Hardware layout. According to the size of the watch and peripheral needs, rationally lay out the various hardware components and ensure that the connections between them are short and compact to reduce signal interference and power consumption.
  7. Power management. Properly design the power supply and management circuit to ensure stable operation of the watch and good battery life. Consider using energy-saving modes and smart charging features.
  8. Signal integrity. Pay attention to the routing planning of signal lines to avoid signal crossover and interference. Provided using ground and power planes.

PCB assembly services company near Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-precision circuit board assembly and manufacturing company that provides smart watch PCB board assembly, SMT patch processing, PCB design and smart watch PCB manufacturing services, specifically for domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises and scientific research institutions. High-quality and fast one-stop service for PCB and printed circuit board assembly.

Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service

Smart watch PCB assembly companies mainly provide services such as design, manufacturing, patch processing, assembly and testing of smart watch PCB boards.

Specifically, these companies typically offer the following capabilities and services:

Smart watch PCB design: Have professional PCB design capabilities and be able to carry out smart watch circuit board schematic design, PCB layout and wiring according to customer needs.

Smart watch patch processing SMT: It has advanced SMT patch processing equipment and technology, and can perform parts mounting, welding, testing and other processing services.

Smart watch PCB assembly testing: It has professional assembly and testing technology and can carry out parts procurement, assembly, functional testing, aging testing and other aspects to ensure the quality and performance of the product.

Customized services: Able to provide customized services according to customer needs, including appearance design, function development, App development, etc.

Quality Assurance: We have a strict quality control system to ensure product quality, reliability and environmental adaptability.

In short, the smart watch PCB assembly company aims to provide customers with a full range of smart watch PCB assembly services to help customers complete the research and development and production of smart watches quickly and efficiently.

What electronic components are needed for smart watch production?

The electronic components required for the production of smart watches include: batteries, quartz resonators, integrated circuits, stepper motors, needle mechanisms, adjustable capacitors, etc.
These electronic components are the core components of smart watches. The lack of any one of them will affect the normal use of smart watches. Among them, the battery is the energy device of the electronic watch, the quartz resonator is the oscillation system of the electronic watch, the integrated circuit converts the high-frequency electrical signal generated by the quartz oscillator into a square wave, the stepper motor is the energy conversion mechanism of the quartz electronic watch, and the dial The needle mechanism is used to calibrate the hour and minute hands and adjust the calendar and weekly calendar mechanisms. The adjusting capacitor is used to calibrate errors caused by frequency drift of the chain or quartz oscillator.

Global smart watch PCB assembly company, ranking of Chinese smart watch PCB manufacturers

As the smart electronic consumer goods market continues to expand, the smart watch printed circuit board (PCB) market is also growing. In this industry, some large companies have become leading companies and firmly occupy a dominant position in the market.
This article will introduce the global smart watch PCB assembly companies and the ranking of Chinese smart watch PCB manufacturers.

Global smart watch PCB assembly companies:

1.Foxconn Technology Group
As the world’s largest electronics manufacturing service provider, Foxconn is also one of the largest players in the PCB market. The company has more than 20% share of the PCB board manufacturing market.

  1. Japan Information and Communications
    Japan Information and Communication (IPC) emerged in a vertically integrated model, engaged in PCB board manufacturing, assembly modules and manufacturing equipment.
  2. Samsung Electronics
    Samsung Electronics has become an important player in the PCB board manufacturing market with its strong position in the mobile device market.
  3. LG Electronics
    LG Electronics has a range of PCB board manufacturing and assembly equipment with the goal of continuous development and innovation.
    Leading PCB companies in China:
  4. Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd.
    Fumax is one of the largest PCB manufacturers in China. Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It provides smart watch electronic PCB assembly design, PCBA manufacturing, SMT patch processing, burning testing, and metal packaging box design for global customers. and manufacturing services.
  5. Fubon Huagong Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Fubon Huagong Electronics is a pioneer in China’s PCB manufacturing industry and a market share leader.
  6. Meiya Pico Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Meiya Pico Electronics is one of the largest multilayer board manufacturers in the country and enjoys a reputation for its technical strength and ultra-high output.
  7. Dongshan Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Dongshan Precision Electronics has become a rising star in the domestic PCB market with its years of technological innovation and market expansion, and is also one of the leaders in the industry.

Smart watch PCB assembly design plan

Smart watch PCB assembly design solutions include the following:

  1. There are plugs and buttons on the motherboard to select various functions. The WIFI/BT antenna is a PCB antenna.
  2. The USB plug used for charging and uploading Arduino IDE sketches will be a USB-C port.
  3. The side buttons are located on the left and right sides or sides of the watch. Their functions are usually the power button, lock button, return button, etc. The side buttons are usually fixed with several side-touch mechanical buttons through welding. One mechanical button A button corresponds to a function.

In addition, smart watch PCB assembly design solutions include lithium battery charger modules, etc.

For smart watch PCBA solution development and design, you can contact us (, fumax company provides electronic product design. Fumax is a professional printed circuit board assembly manufacturer and professional PCBA solutions company. We will be your first choice!

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Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider

Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider Fumax is a smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider. Focusing on circuit board PCBA custom design, SMT patch processing, intelligent electronic PCB assembly, software programming, component procurement, electronic manufacturing and other services. Smart watch PCB assembly OEM/ODM one-stop service provider PCB assembly services company near […]

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 Prototyping & Product Certificates

When design is completed, fumax team will build working samples for customer verification. Following are general process & lead time about quick prototypes: For mechanical enclosure, we will use CNC or 3D printing to do the samples. lead time will be 3 days. for bare PCB, the quickest lead time can be just 24 hours. […]

 Firmware Coding

Fumax firmware coding team will write specific firmware based on customer requirements. The firmware will be programmed in the hardware (PCBA) that designed by Fumax hardware engineering team. A complete working product will be bought to customer for verification. How exciting it is, for customer to see a new idea comes to true real product! […]

Electro-Mechanical Design

Fumax Tech offers a wide variety of mechanical engineering design services. We can create the complete mechanical design for your new product, or we can make modifications and improvements to your existing mechanical design. We can satisfy your mechanical design needs with a team of highly skilled mechanical engineers and designers having extensive experience in new product […]

Consumer Electronics Boards

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Industry Applications

Fumax produces boards and finished goods which are being used on multi-industries as below: Application of PCB in the industrial control industry, PCB circuit boards are widely used in automated production lines, robots, sensors and other equipment. These devices need to collect and process various data in real time to achieve an efficient and stable […]

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PCBA + Wire Harness

We make many boards with wires installed, usually customers would just need to install our PCBA with wires on their boxes, then a completed product done. Case Study: Customer: Brail Board: PWREII Board function: communication boards. Customer uses our boards to be installed on a large machine. we have made boards with all wires installed. […]


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Finished Product Assembly

Fumax is a Truly one stop solution provider which do complete assembled products – “ready to assemble” or “ready to sell”. We are able to work starting from initial product design, Electronic circuit Design, PCB Layout, Plastic/Metal mechanical design, Mold / Tooling design & fabrication, Component Sourcing, sub-assembly, full assebmly to final product testing / […]


Packaging will be last step at fumax factory but it is very important to well pack the products, prevent it from transport damage. 1. Inner box/vacuum/bubble bags: According to the product features or customers’ requirement 2. Color package 3. Outer carton Standard size: (1) 54*24*35.5MM Volume weight:9.3KG            (2) 30*27*35.5MM Volume weight:5.7KG 5. Pallets/Stretch film


Fumax will apply Coating to PCB assembly per customer requests. The coating process usually are important to Protect the boards from moisture and pollutants (which may cause electricity leakage). These products are typical used on moisture application such as bathroom, kitchens, outdoor applications…etc. Fumax has professional staff and equipment for coating Coating is a solid […]

DIP (through hole assembly)

After SMT components are placed & QC’ed, the next step is to move the boards to DIP production to complete through hole component assembly. DIP = dual in-line package, is called DIP, is an integrated circuit packaging method. The shape of the integrated circuit is rectangular, and there are two rows of parallel metal pins on […]


Fumax SMT house has equipped the X-Ray machine to check soldering parts such as BGA, QFN…etc X-ray uses low-energy X-rays to quickly detect objects without damaging them. 1. Application range: IC, BGA, PCB / PCBA, surface mount process solderability testing, etc. 2. Standard: IPC-A-610 ,GJB 548B 3. Function of X-Ray: Uses high-voltage impact targets to generate X-Ray penetration […]


AOI is a very important QC process of checking SMT soldering quality. Fumax has strict control on AOI. ALL 100% boards are checked by AOI machine at Fumax SMT line. AOI, with full name of Automated Optical Inspection, is a tool we use to detect circuit boards we provide customers with high-quality. As a new […]

Reflow soldering

Reflow Soldering process is an important process to get good solder quality. Fumax reflow soldering machine has 10 temp. zone. We calibrate temp. on a daily basis to ensure correct temp. Reflow soldering refers to control the heating to melt the solder to achieve permanent bonding between electronic components and circuit board. There are different […]


Fumax equipped with the best new mid/high speed SMT machines with daily output of around 5 million points. Other than best machines, we experienced SMT team are also a key to deliver best quality product. Fumax continues to invest best machines and great team members. Our SMT capabilities are: PCB layer: 1-32 layers; PCB material: […]

Solder Paste Inspection

Fumax SMT production has deployed automatic SPI machine to check the solder paste printing quality, to ensure best soldering quality. SPI, known as solder paste inspection, an SMT testing device that uses the principle of optics to calculate the solder paste height printed on the PCB by triangulation. It is the quality inspection of solder […]

Solder Paste Printing

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Incoming Quality Control

Fumax quality team will check component quality to ensure no bad parts will go through the production process. In fumax, all materials must be verified and approved before going to the warehouse. Fumax Tech establishes strict verifying procedures and working instructions to control the incoming. Furthermore, Fumax Tech owns various precise inspection instruments and equipment […]

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Electromechanical device & component

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