Design For Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is the process of making a product easier and less expensive to manufacture. Fumax Tech engineers have many years of experience with various DFM techniques. This DFM experience will be used to reduce the costs and eliminate problems associated with the manufacturing of your product.

Fumax engineers are very familiar with a wide range of manufacturing processes, Fumax engineers stay current on the latest manufacturing technologies, so these technologies can be applied to yield the best product design. Their manufacturing knowledge is applied at every step of the design process to ensure that the final product is simple to assemble while still meeting all of the product requirements.

PCB manufacturing design - PCB design manufacturer in china

Good things about design with Fumax:

1. Fumax is a factory. We know all the process of the manufacturing. Our designer has deep knowledge for every manufacturing process. So our designers will keep in mind during their design process for easy manufacturing for example, SMT process, fast production, avoid through hole parts, use more SMT parts for effiecency.

2. Fumax are purchasing components millions. So, we have very good relations with all components suppliers. We can select the best quality components but with lowest price. This will give great cost competetiness to our customers.

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