Top 6 well-known HDI PCB custom manufacturers in Brazil

HDI PCB custom manufacturers provide highly specialized services and are dedicated to meeting customers’ specific needs for high-density interconnect printed circuit boards.

They have advanced production equipment and a professional technical team to provide high-quality, high-precision PCB products and ensure that each project is delivered on time.

HDI PCB customization is widely used in various electronic equipment fields, such as communications, medical, aerospace, etc., providing key support for product performance and reliability.

In Brazil, the top six well-known HDI PCB customization manufacturers include the following:


Fumax HDI PCB assembly and manufacturing manufacturer focuses on the production of high-density interconnection printed circuit boards. It has advanced production equipment and professional technology to provide high-quality products and services. These manufacturers have highly specialized and experienced teams that can meet customers’ needs for high-precision, high-performance PCBs.


Abracon is a world-renowned electronic component manufacturer that provides HDI PCB design and manufacturing services. It has a production base in Brazil with advanced production equipment and a professional technical team.


Amtek is a Brazilian electronics manufacturing service provider focusing on the production and customization of HDI PCBs. The company has modern production lines and strict quality control systems to provide customers with high-quality products and services.


This is a long-established electronic component manufacturer that enjoys a high reputation in both the Brazilian domestic and international markets. Eletronorte provides HDI PCB customization services, focusing on innovation and continuous improvement of technology.


This is a Brazilian electronics manufacturing service provider that focuses on high-precision PCB production and customization. Itamar has advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services.


Telatool is a Brazilian manufacturer specializing in the production of PCBs, providing customized services for HDI PCBs. The company focuses on technological innovation and quality management, constantly optimizing production processes and improving product quality.

These manufacturers have a certain degree of popularity and reputation in the field of HDI PCB customization in Brazil, and have corresponding production capabilities and professional technical teams. You can choose the right manufacturer to cooperate with according to your specific needs.

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