LED PCB Manufacturers processes and Suppliers in China

Best led PCB Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

2023 China Shenzhen LED PCB Manufacturing Enterprise. PCB is the most basic component of electronic circuits. It is used to carry and connect electronic components.

It is widely used in various electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones, home appliances, automobiles, medical care, etc. It is an important cornerstone of the electronics industry.

Best led PCB Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

At present, China’s PCB market has developed relatively maturely, with a market scale of hundreds of billions of yuan. Competition between domestic PCB companies and foreign PCB companies is fierce, forming a clearly layered and parallel PCB market structure.

The top ten LED pcb manufacturers and suppliers in Shenzhen are:

  1. Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd.
    As one of the leading companies in China’s LED PCB manufacturing industry, it has advanced production equipment and technical strength, and is able to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision PCB circuit boards and circuit board processing services. Provide medical LED pcb manufacturing, television, communication pcb led manufacturing services.
    Fumax PCB services include PCB design, PCBA R&D, PCB manufacturing, SMT chip, DIP plug-in, etc.
  2. Cangzhou Zhuotai Electronics Co., Ltd.
    One of the electronic manufacturing service companies in China Pavilion, it also has strong competitiveness in the field of LED PCB manufacturing.
  3. Shenzhen Yibang Circuit Co., Ltd.
    With its advanced PCB assembly technology and innovative service model, it has a certain influence in the LED PCB manufacturing industry.
  4. Foshan Tiange Electronics Co., Ltd.
    With its advanced production equipment and strict quality control system, it is able to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision PCB circuit boards and circuit board processing services.
  5. Shenzhen Zhonglian Express Technology Co., Ltd.
    With advanced technology and rich experience, we are able to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision LED PCB circuit boards and circuit board processing services.
  6. AT&S (China) Co., Ltd.
    AT&S (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned PCB board factory and process manufacturing company with a foreign enterprise office and more than 1,000 employees.
    AT&S (China) Co., Ltd. is Europe’s largest and the world’s leading printed circuit board manufacturer, especially in the high-end high-density microvia printed circuit board market. The main product, HDI high-density printed circuit board, is mainly used in mobile communication equipment. In addition, the company’s business also covers a wide range of automotive, industrial and medical fields.
  7. Huizhou Junyue Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Huizhou Junyue Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of LED PCB boards, car light PCB boards, hard light bar PCB boards and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.
  8. Shennan Circuit Co., Ltd.
    Shennan Circuit Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. It mainly produces and processes printed circuit boards (PCBs), high density, and provides SMT product assembly services. The monthly PCB production capacity reaches 140,000 square meters. Products are widely used in communications, medical, automotive electronics, aerospace, industrial control and other fields. Provide customers with one-stop services and leverage the synergy of the entire value chain.
  9. Shenzhen Jieke Electronics Co., Ltd.
    The company has advanced production equipment and technical strength and is able to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision PCB circuit boards and circuit board processing services. Its market share and popularity are at the forefront of the industry.
  10. Shenzhen Huaqiu Electronics Co., Ltd.
    The company is committed to providing professional and efficient electronic component procurement and technical support services to customers around the world. It has complete supporting services.

In addition, there are many other excellent PCB processing manufacturers in Shenzhen.

led circuit board
The LED lamp PCB is mainly an aluminum substrate. PCB is the abbreviation of PCB. Both LED aluminum substrate and FR-4 fiberglass circuit board belong to PCB. To say they are different, just compare LED aluminum substrate and FR-4 glass fiber circuit board. LED aluminum substrate has better thermal conductivity. Print circuits on the aluminum surface, and then weld the electronic components on it.

The main purpose of using aluminum substrate is that it has good heat dissipation. High-power LEDs generate relatively large heat, so most aluminum substrates are used in the production of LED lighting fixtures.

FR-4 fiberglass circuit board is a traditional electronic product circuit board. It is widely used due to its good insulation, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, multi-layer printing and other characteristics.

General process of LED light circuit board production

  • welding
  • ① Judgment of the direction of the light: the front is facing up, and the side with the black rectangle is the negative end;
  • ②The direction of the circuit board: the front is facing up, and the end with the inner and outer wiring ports is the upper left corner;
  • ③ Judgment of the direction of the lights on the circuit board: Starting from the light on the upper left (clockwise rotation), the order is negative plus → positive and negative → negative plus → positive and negative;
  • ④Welding: Weld carefully to ensure that every solder joint is full and clean, with no empty or missing solder joints.
  • Self-test
  • After completing the welding, first check whether there are any weak soldering, missing soldering, etc., then use a multimeter to touch the positive and negative terminals of the circuit board (positive on the outside and negative on the inside), check whether the four LED lights are on at the same time, and perform inspection on the unqualified circuit board. Modify until all boards work properly.
  • Mutual inspection
  • After self-inspection, it must be handed over to the person in charge for inspection. Only with the consent of the person in charge can it move to the next process.
  • Clean
  • Brush the circuit board with 95% alcohol to remove the residue on the board and keep the circuit board clean.
  • friction
  • Remove the LED light circuit board from the entire board one by one, and use fine sandpaper (coarse sandpaper can be used if necessary, but you must seek the consent of the person in charge) to remove the burrs on the edge of the circuit board so that the circuit board can be placed flatly into the holder. inside (the degree of friction depends on the model of the holder).
  • Clean
  • Use 95% alcohol to clean the circuit board and remove the dust left on the circuit board during friction.
  • wiring
  • Connect the circuit board with blue thin wires and black thin wires respectively. The wiring point near the inner ring is negative and connected to the black wire. The wiring point near the outer ring is positive and connected to the red wire. When wiring, make sure the wires are connected from the back to the front.
  • Self-test
  • Check the wiring. It is required that each wire passes through the pad. The length of the wires on both sides of the pad should be as short as possible. Pulling the thin wire gently will not cause breakage or looseness.
  • Mutual inspection
  • After self-inspection, it must be handed over to the person in charge for inspection. Only with the consent of the person in charge can it move to the next process.
  • experienced
  • Separate the lines on some circuit boards according to blue lines and black lines, and energize each LED light with a current of 15mA (the voltage is constant at 3.7V, and the current is multiplied). The aging time is generally 8 hours.

8 Ways to Prevent LED Printed Circuit Board PCB Defects

Circuit Scratching: Reduce Line Spacing
Pad Outline: The trick is to stick to program control.

Degradation function: remove solder mask oil or dismantle related components.

Solder mask stripping: double exposure

The color of the solder mask is unqualified: Choose a supplier with rigorous manufacturing technology and many years of manufacturing experience.

Bad board corner: add bottom board protection as a protective measure.

Warpage: Reduce warpage to a level that is not sufficient to focus on achieving 0.5% flatness

Bad board outline: There must be appropriate process-assisted margins.

LED PCB manufacturer process in China

LED printed circuit board PCB component assembly technology

There are three methods of placing/mounting components on LED printed circuit board PCB, they are through hole mounting, surface mounting and chip on board (COB).
Through-hole mounting: Through-hole mounting technology uses two components. They are radial (leads are placed on both sides) and axial (leads are placed on one side).
Surface Mount: Also known as surface mount technology, components are used that have an assembly called SMD underneath or around the leads.
Chip-on-Board (COB): Small leadless components or components with very short leads soldered to a printed circuit board.

Design technology in LED printed circuit board PCB assembly
Pitch: The pitch range consistent with current SMT is 0.45mm to 1.6mm, while LED pitch is 1.0mm to 4.0mm. Figure 1 shows a comparison between SMT pitch and LED pitch.
LED mounting holes: LED mounting holes are non-penetrating holes. It is recommended that the diameter tolerance is ±0.05mm and the depth (H) should be ≤ plate thickness (T) -0.5mm. The depth tolerance should be >±0.2mm, while the conventional drilling angle (θ) is 130°.
Laser Drilling Blind Vias: When stacking boards > 2 layers, it is recommended to design these technologies as staggered vias. Because it reduces program complexity and manufacturing costs.

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