Analysis of MCU design principles for motor controllers

The motor controller is the core component of the motor drive system and is responsible for controlling the start, stop, speed and direction of the motor. MCU (microcontroller) is a common motor controller. It has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and high reliability, and is widely used in various motor drive systems. […]

Motor Driver PCB Layout Guidelines

Motor Driver PCB Layout Guidelines In the design of motor drivers, PCB layout is a crucial task. Good layout design can enhance motor performance, improve stability, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduce costs. This article will provide you with guidelines for motor driver PCB layout to help you optimize your design. Motor Driver PCB Layout […]

List of motor control PCB manufacturers in Japanese

List of Japanese motor control board PCB manufacturers, list of the best motor controller PCB custom manufacturers, providing professional PDB manufacturing and assembly services. There are several major motor control board manufacturers in Japan. Here are some examples: 2. OMRON Corporation: OMRON is Japan’s leading electronics company, providing control boards for a wide range of […]

Material selection options for motor PCB board design

Material selection options for motor PCB board design The material selection for motor PCB board design mainly depends on the type, specifications and performance requirements of the motor. The following are some common motor PCB board design materials: It should be noted that different materials have different characteristics. Therefore, when selecting the design materials for […]

How to design the motor PCB board?

The design of the motor PCB board is a very important part of the motor driver development process. The rationality and reliability of its design will directly affect the performance and service life of the motor driver. This article will introduce in detail the design methods and precautions of the motor PCB board. Before designing […]