Top ten rankings of high temperature PCB material manufacturers

2023 China’s Top Ten PCB Manufacturing Brands Ranking

Based on multiple indices such as PCB brand value and word-of-mouth evaluation, the top ten brands of PCB board manufacturing in 2023 were selected. The top ten are AVARY, Unimicron, Fumax, DSBJ, SCC, COMPEQ, Tripod, TTM, AT&S, and Mektec. If you are looking for which brand of Chinese PCB board is good? Then the list of China’s top ten PCB board manufacturing brands in 2023 can be used as a reference for your purchase. We are committed to using the most authentic user data to recommend the PCB board manufacturing brands with the best reputation, so that you can choose with confidence.


Reason for being on the list: AVARY, founded in 1999, is a company mainly engaged in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of various types of printed circuit boards. It focuses on providing customers with a full range of PCB products and services.

SMT Manufacturing Indonesia - SMT parts supplier in China

Affiliated company: Pengding Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Brand origin: Shenzhen Founded in: 1999, Number of votes: 5623, Number of likes: 100, Number of shares: 10, Positive rating: 90.91%

  1. Unimicron PCB

Reason for being on the list: Unimicron Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Unimicron, is affiliated to Taiwan’s Xinxing Electronics Group. It is an emerging high-tech enterprise that mainly produces high-density connection boards and multi-layer printed circuit boards.

  1. Fumax PCB

Reasons for listing:
Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of printed circuit boards and high-end electronic materials. The company’s product types cover FR4 printed circuit boards, aluminum-based circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, HDI boards, Rigid-flex boards, high-end electronic materials, etc.

Fumax SMT chip processing factory

Fumax is a Chinese PCB manufacturer. Fumax has been deeply involved in the printed circuit board industry for many years. It focuses on the production, R&D and sales of printed circuit boards and has become one of the important brands in the printed circuit board industry. One of the world’s largest printed circuit board suppliers.


Reason for being on the list: DSBJ is an internationally renowned circuit board manufacturing company. It owns two major brands, MFLEX and Multek, and its products cover rigid and flexible circuit boards.

  1. SCC PCB

Reason for being on the list: Shennan Circuit Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand of circuit boards, a high-tech enterprise, a one-stop service integrator of PCB products, one of the strongest PCB manufacturing companies in China, and a large-scale electronic circuit technology and solution integrator.

  1. COMPEQ PCB Manufacturer

Reason for being on the list: Huatong Computer Co., Ltd., founded in 1973, is one of Taiwan’s earlier professional printed circuit board manufacturing companies. It has the development and mass production base of various high-precision products and is committed to providing the software needed by customers. Boards and a small number of parts assembly services to meet the full range of customer needs.

7. Tripod PCB

Reason for being on the list: Jianding (Wuxi) Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is one of the largest printed circuit board suppliers in the world. It has strong R&D capabilities in new processes, is good at investing in more advanced machinery and equipment, and focuses on meeting customer needs. , a professional printed circuit board manufacturer.

  1. TTM PCB

Reason for being on the list: Dongguan Meiwei Circuit Co., Ltd. is a member of TTM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Specializing in the production of high-precision, large-size printed circuit boards, the products are mainly suitable for computers, network equipment, communication equipment and other industries. The main customers include Apple, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Huawei, etc.

Reason for being on the list: AT&S (China) Co., Ltd., a well-known circuit board brand, started in Austria in 1987, is a global HDI high-density interconnect manufacturing base, and is one of the largest and world-leading high-end printed circuit board manufacturers in Europe.

9. Mektec PCB

Reason for being on the list: Zhuhai Zixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known brand of circuit boards, started in 1969, is a subsidiary of Japan’s NOK Group, a well-known enterprise in the world’s flexible printed circuit board industry, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of flexible boards, specializing in flexible An enterprise that designs, produces and sells printed circuit boards (FPC).

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