Demystifying High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs: Production, Pitfalls, and Perfection

Hey there tech enthusiasts and fellow engineers! Ready to delve into the world of high-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards (PCBs)? HDI PCBs are the backbone of today’s compact and intricate electronic devices, powering the digital era we live in. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into how HDI PCBs are manufactured, the […]

Leading PCB Assembly Factories in Germany

Hey there tech enthusiasts! Ever wondered about the big players in the PCB game right here in Germany? Well, we’ve got you covered! This handy table highlighting the top 10 PCB manufacturing and assembly companies in Germany has been carefully compiled by our friends over at Fumax. Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to […]

McKinsey has released its latest report, analyzing and interpreting the trends in industrial automation.

McKinsey recently released a report titled “Is industrial automation headed for a tipping point?”, analyzing two scenarios to reveal the most probable paths for the future of industrial automation: one is improvement, and the other is transformation. The report also examines how businesses can respond to these changes. Is industrial automation still a slow-developing track, […]

Top 10 MCU manufacturer in 2023

Introduction: Embark on a journey through the MCU landscape as we explore the top 10 MCU manufacturers globally. These industry-leading companies are at the forefront of innovation, delivering exceptional products for diverse applications. From automotive to consumer electronics, let’s delve into their comprehensive company profiles and take a closer look at their cutting-edge MCU offerings. […]

How Does Fermentation Monitor be made?

Fermentation monitoring is the process of tracking the fermentation process to ensure that it is proceeding as intended. This process is critical in various industries such as biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical, and environmental monitoring. Contract manufacturers can help companies develop fermentation monitors that meet their specific needs. Designing the System The first step in […]

China’s Advantages in the Global PCB Assembly (PCBA) Industry

China leads the global PCB assembly (PCBA) industry with its exceptional advantages. From market size to manufacturing capabilities, labor costs, government support, and supply chain superiority, China excels in numerous aspects, making it a powerhouse in the field. 1.Market Size China boasts a vast market size, providing ample opportunities for PCBA manufacturers. With over 1.4 […]

How to custom PCBA?

Custom PCBA demand is increasing, with the popularity of 5G technology, more and more electronic products, especially consumer electronic products with communication modules, need to update the PCBA to achieve new functions. Large companies often design and manufacture their own products. But not every company has factories and teams of engineers. In fact, maintaining a production […]