List of Top 6 Brushless Motor PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the United States

List of the top 6 brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers in the United States, Fumax US motor PCB assembly, motor PCB design, PCB manufacturing factory.

List of Top 6 Brushless Motor PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the United States

List of Top 6 Brushless Motor PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the United States

The following is a list of some of the more well-known American manufacturers in the field of brushless motor PCB assembly:

Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is a global PCB assembly, PCB manufacturing and PCB design company.
Fumax brushless motor PCB OEM/ODM one-stop service provider refers to a manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing PCB circuit boards for brushless motor controllers. Excellent brushless motor PCB manufacturers have advanced equipment and processes and can provide high-quality, high-precision PCB boards.

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Fumax company has advanced equipment and technology to provide high-quality, high-precision PCB boards. Its products are widely used in electronics, communications, medical, aerospace, automobiles, new energy and other fields.

PCB Assembly manufacturers in USA

Fumax PCB Assembly Company provides one-stop services such as custom circuit board PCBA design and development, software programming, component procurement, SMT patching, DIP welding, assembly testing and painting. It has nearly 20 years of rich industry experience and complete production and testing equipment.

Fumax Technology provides diversified OEM and ODM services to customers around the world. We help customers solve operational problems such as mechanical or electronic design, sample and mass production, service and logistics, etc., so that customers can focus on front-end high-value businesses such as sales and R&D, marketing and branding, etc. It is a blessing to help customers achieve continuous and great success. The core values of all employees of Mai Technology.

motor PCB board - List of Top 6 Brushless Motor PCB Assembly Manufacturers in the United States

Fumax is equipped with high-precision imported equipment, including fully automatic solder paste printing machines, SPI, multiple high- and medium-speed placement machines, 10 temperature zone reflow soldering, wave soldering, selective wave soldering, X-Ray detection, AOI equipment, automatic Soldering machine and so on.

We have obtained and continuously updated all certificates including ISO90001, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS, TS16949 to ensure the highest quality products.

Fumax is also the top motor control board PCB assembly manufacturer in China.

Currently, the company has more than 300 employees, and its products cover many fields such as industrial control, vehicle systems, MCUs, remote communications, smart homes, medical equipment, and consumer electronics! Products are sold in many countries around the world!

  1. Allied Motion Technologies
    Allied Motion Technologies is a professional motion control solutions provider dedicated to providing innovative technologies and services to the industrial, automotive, aerospace and defense markets. The company offers various types of brushless motors and drives.

Allied Motion Technologies is a PCB manufacturing company located in the United States. It was founded in 1970 and focuses on providing motion control solutions. The company’s products include electromagnetic, mechanical and electronic motion technologies, which are widely used in automobiles, electronic motion control products, transmission devices and other fields. When it comes to motor control board PCB assembly, Allied Motion Technologies has the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions.

3.Control Techniques
Control Techniques is a British company specializing in the design and manufacture of motion control solutions. The company’s product range includes brushless DC motors, AC servo motors and drives, etc., which are widely used in various industries.
Control Techniques is a brand of Nidec Corporation. Its main business is industrial automation motion control products, such as low-voltage AC frequency conversion, motion control, and DC drive products. In 2013, Control Techniques was shortlisted for the Market Research Society (MRS) Awards 2013.

  1. Danaher Corporation
    Danaher Corporation is a leading global provider of instrumentation, measurement and automation solutions. The company’s product range includes brushless DC motors, stepper motors and other motor drivers, which are widely used in industrial automation.
  2. Johnson Electric
    Johnson Electric is a leading global motor manufacturer, providing various types of brushless DC motors, stepper motors and servo motors. The company’s products are widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronic equipment, and more.

6.Ametek, Inc.
Ametek, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronics, providing a wide range of advanced motion control and power solutions. The company’s product range includes brushless DC motors (BLDC), stepper motors and servo motors, among others.

It should be noted that the above manufacturers are listed in no particular order, and there may be other excellent brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers not mentioned. When selecting a partner or product, it is recommended to consider factors such as its professional capabilities, product quality, and after-sales service, and refer to the reviews and suggestions of other users.

Shenzhen Fumax Technology Co., Ltd. is a brushless motor PCB manufacturer with advanced PCB manufacturing technology, PCB circuit layout, and PCB assembly technology. To learn more about PCB customization, PCBA customization, PCB assembly and other services, please contact us.

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What advanced processes do the top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers have?

Top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers usually have advanced processes and technologies. Here are some common advanced processes:

  1. High-precision PCB manufacturing: Top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers usually have high-precision PCB manufacturing capabilities and can produce high-quality, high-reliability PCB boards. This includes the use of high-quality substrates, advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, and strict quality control processes.
  2. Advanced welding technology: Welding quality is very important for brushless motor PCB assembly. Top manufacturers usually use advanced welding technologies, such as laser welding, ultrasonic welding, etc., to ensure the quality and stability of welding joints.
  3. Automated assembly lines: Top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers usually have automated assembly lines that can achieve efficient and precise assembly. This includes the use of robots, sensors and automated equipment to enable automated assembly, inspection and quality assurance.
  4. Customized design: There are many types of brushless motors, and each model of motor requires different PCB boards and components. Top manufacturers usually have customized design capabilities and can design PCB boards and components that meet specific requirements based on customer needs and requirements.
  5. Reliability testing: Top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers usually conduct comprehensive reliability testing to ensure product stability and durability. This includes high temperature, low temperature, humidity, vibration and other tests to simulate product performance in different environments.
  6. Efficient production management: Top manufacturers usually adopt efficient production management methods, such as lean production, Six Sigma, etc., to ensure consistency in production efficiency and product quality. This includes optimizing production processes, reducing waste, and improving employee efficiency.

In short, top brushless motor PCB assembly manufacturers not only have advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, but also have comprehensive quality control systems and production management methods to ensure product quality and stability.

How to provide customized BOM for motor PCB?

When providing a custom BOM for the motor PCB, you can follow these steps:

  1. Confirm requirements: First, you need to clarify your requirements, including motor type, specifications, performance requirements, etc. This will help provide you with a BOM that meets your requirements.
  2. Prepare BOM: According to your needs, prepare a BOM. The table should include details of all required electronic components such as model, specification, quantity, etc.
  3. Confirm suppliers: Choose a reliable electronic component supplier to ensure that it can provide all the required electronic components and guarantee quality and delivery time.
  4. Confirm the price: Confirm the price with the supplier based on the quantity and type of electronic components in the BOM. Make sure the price is reasonable and fits your budget.
  5. Confirm delivery time: Confirm delivery time with the supplier to ensure that all electronic components can be provided within the time you need.
  6. Confirm quality: After confirming the price and delivery time, make sure that the quality of all electronic components meets your requirements. This can be achieved by asking suppliers to provide samples or conduct quality testing.
  7. Confirm after-sales service: Confirm the supplier’s after-sales service policy to ensure that problems can be solved and handled in a timely manner when they arise.
  8. Submit the BOM: After completing the above steps, submit the BOM to the motor PCB manufacturer. They will produce according to your needs and the information in the BOM.

In short, when providing a customized BOM for motor PCB, you need to clarify your needs, prepare a BOM, select a reliable supplier, confirm price and delivery time, ensure quality, confirm after-sales service, and submit the BOM to the manufacturer.

Motor control PCB assembly - OEM water pump pressure automatic control switch module circuit board PCB assembly

This will help ensure your motor PCB customization meets your requirements and is delivered on time.

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