Optimizing High-Speed Design: Balancing Signal, Power, and EMC for Success

Editor’s Note: In modern high-speed designs, analyzing signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC separately is not enough; a holistic approach is essential for successful design. Background Issue: When signals cross over segmentation areas between adjacent reference planes on a layer, discussions about signal integrity often arise. Some argue that signals should not cross the segmentation […]

PCB Pad Design Guideline(2)

4.3.9 When designing multilayer boards, attention should be paid to components with metal casings that are in plug-in packages and make contact with the printed circuit board. The top layer pads must not be opened. They must be covered with green oil or silkscreen ink (such as two-pin crystals, three-pin LEDs). 4.3.10 When designing and […]

PCB Pad Design Guideline(1)

Standardize the PCB pad design process, define the relevant parameters of PCB pad design process, ensuring that the PCB design meets technical specification requirements such as manufacturability, testability, safety regulations, EMC, and EMI, and construct the advantages of process, technology, quality, and cost in product design. This specification applies to the PCB process design of […]

Top 10 integrated circuit design companies in China

China’s top ten integrated circuit design companies include Fumax, Huawei HiSilicon, Vimicro, Rockchip Microelectronics, Haier Integrated Circuit, BYD Microelectronics, Awinic Electronic Technology, Xinlian Semiconductor, Westcore Microelectronics and Broadcom Integrated Circuit. Fumax Huawei HiSilicon Zhongxing Microelectronics Rockchip Microelectronics Shanghai Haier Integrated Circuit Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics Shanghai Aiwei Electronic Technology Shenzhen Xinlian Semiconductor Xi’an Xixin Microelectronics Broadcom […]

What information do MCU design manufacturers need to ask customers?

Before starting the design, MCU design manufacturers need to ask customers for some key information to ensure that the MCU design meets the customer’s needs and expectations. Demand specification Application scenarios Specifications or technical manuals Special requirements Certification requirements Production cycle and output Cost budget Development tools and software MCU upgrade strategy Other relevant information […]

LED PCB electronic circuit design and manufacturing solutions

LED PCB electronic circuit design and manufacturing solutions include steps such as determining design requirements, schematic design, PCB board design, electronic component selection, verification and optimization of design solutions. introduction LED PCB electronic circuit design Determine design requirements Schematic design PCB board design Electronic component selection Verification and optimization of design solutions LED PCB manufacturing […]

Explanation of MCU internal architecture and program operation principles

MCU, or Microcontroller Unit, is a highly integrated chip that contains a processor, memory, input/output interfaces, etc., and is widely used in various embedded systems. This article will delve into the internal architecture and program operation principles of the MCU. MCU internal architecture How the program works What parts does the external interface part of […]

Top 5 software needed for LED PCB design

With the continuous development of LED technology and the expansion of application fields, LED lighting products are increasingly used in various fields. LED PCB design is a key link in the manufacturing of LED lighting products, and its importance is self-evident. Top 5 software needed for LED PCB design AutoCAD Eagle KiCad Altium Designer PADS […]

How to design the PCB board used on the sensor?

Designing a PCB board for use with a sensor requires consideration of many factors, including sensor type, interface, signal processing and control circuitry, etc. The following is an article on how to design a PCB board for use with sensors. Determine sensor type and interface Determine PCB board specifications and layout Substrate selection Layer number […]